Our Story

Tito’s has a brilliant story behaind its tremendous success. It all starts with the culinary career of a man whose passion has always been food. Juan Herrera who today is the executive chef at Titos Italian has a long career in the world of cooking. Everything started when he was 8 years old, at that time he knew cooking was what he wanted to do professinaly, he dedicated his life to learn the art of the Italian cuisine and he was willing to give everything to accomplish his dream, and tahtw as exactly what he did, Herrera learned from one of the best Biba Caggiano, a famous chef that mixes American and Italian techniques to create amazing dishes. 

After seeing what his dad has accomplished with his career, Juan Herera Jr. starts putting more and more interest in the art of cooking. The young man liked the kitchen so much that by 2013 he had already graduated from Le Cordon Bleu, a famed cooking school in Phoenix Arizona.The desire to grow and move forward led these talented chefs to the next level and decided to open their own Italian restaurant in Green Valley Arizona, a place called Carne y Vino, the place was successful and they decided to open another restaurant in Rio Rico Arizona, Pizza e Vino in collaboration with another local family.  

After fulfilling their goals, the culinary careers of both chefs are forged even more, much more experience and greater goals, that is what prompted the young and ambitious Juan Jr. To make a decision that would change his life and those who followed him among them his father, who supported him in everything, was totally determined to follow his son in his career as a chef and together make a magnificent team.

In 2018 Juan and his son with collaboration of Jose Luis Ruiz,  together decide to create a restaurant called Tito’s Pizza Wings and Bar, a wonderful place in Nogales Arizona that is better known as Tito’s Italian. Thanks to the insatiable thirst to grow and fulfill their dreams this new restaurant is doing from strength to strength, so much so that in October of 2018 they will open a new location in Rancho Sahuarita, Arizona.